We have released the latest Interim Release Disk for the ARM product for MAS90 4.05/4.06. This file covers level 4.05 through 4.06, build 11, inclusively. Please do not download this file unless you are certain that your ARM software falls within the above specified release levels.

See the IRD Download & Installation Instructions for how to get started and the cumulative enhancements and corrections list for all 4.20 builds.

Download Size Description
Interim Release, 4.05 – 4.06 (build 24) 10.3 MB File Name ROird406.zip — Interim Release as of 10/02/2008
ODBC Dictionaries 1 MB File Name ROodb406.zip — Release as of 10/02/2008


As of May 27, 2008, BCS ProSoft no longer distributes, via the IRD install set; the stock ODBC data dictionaries as shipped with the original product. The stock ODBC data dictionaries are now distributed in a separate install known as the ODB set. If you choose to install this ODB set and if you have created UDF entities for ARM, it will be necessary for you to use the Custom Office utilities to restore your UDF fields to the ODBC dictionaries. If you have additional questions concerning these procedures, contact support for additional details or instructions prior to installation of either IRD or ODB release sets. In addition, if you have made any panel changes to your ARM panels using Custom Office, then you will need to run the Custom Office rebuild utilities in order that any changes we have made to the stock ARM panels will be propagated to your customized panels.

As of 4.06, build 11, we have added a new tabbed folder to Contract Entry. Custom Office rebuild utilities are not correctly updating customized screen libraries. If you have trouble getting the screen panel for this tab to display, contact our support team.