Growth and Ownership Succession Strategies for Rental Management Companies

One of the goals for your small rental management company may be to eventually morph into a mid-sized or large rental management company. In order to remain successful during a period of growth or ownership succession, rental management companies need to keep an unwavering focus on strong project and financial management practices. You want to [...]

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How to Create a Culture of Rental Management Profitability

Rental management companies can face strong competition, but you can keep your firm ahead of the pack by creating a culture of profitability. A culture of profitability is one where all processes and employees are geared toward supporting and advancing your company’s financial success. Your first step is ensuring all your processes are streamlined for [...]

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After the Financial Crisis: Growth and Ownership Transition Strategies for Rental Companies

With years of economic turmoil behind the rental industry, business leaders have taken numerous precautions to weather the storm. Understandably, variable industry growth and increased market competition has forced many companies to slash costs. So how can leaders in the rental industry position themselves for future growth and meet the challenges of potential ownership transitions? [...]

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6 Ways Your Peers Are Improving Rental Management Maturity

The rental industry is booming, and the rental management software industry is booming right along with it. Whether your company rents heavy duty construction equipment, cameras, party supplies, tools or any number of other items, rental firms seeking a competitive edge have been turning to advanced software to better manage their rental needs. Here are [...]

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Top 15 Rental Software Must-Have Capabilities

According to the American Rental Association (ARA), the equipment rental industry has been growing at a rate four times faster than the rest of the post-economic crisis economy. Equipment rentals are poised for even greater growth throughout the rest of 2016 and into 2017. What is your company doing to get the most out of [...]

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Is Your Rental Management System Reactive or Proactive?

So, you have a rental management and accounting solution that does a pretty good job of keeping track of your rental fleet and can write contracts. Good for you! Aside from that, what are you getting from your system? Does it help you determine the best use of cash? Does it remind you when inventory [...]

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Walking the Inventory Tightrope

Techniques for Effective Management of Rental Inventories In the rental industry, a company’s profitability is dependent on its ability to keep inventory overhead costs low, while ensuring an ever-adequate supply and selection for your customers. Walking this fine line is difficult at best. While you cannot control all the variables affecting what, when, and from where people rent, it makes [...]

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Year end is a Time for Reflection (and Planning)

December is a month for celebration and reflection. As you near the end of the calendar year, it is important to review your personal and business year to assess your success or failure. Did you stick to those New Year's Resolutions? Did your business perform this year as expected? If you look back at your [...]

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Integrate your Accounting and Rental Operations

Most small business owners equate business health to the amount of cash they have in the bank. Measuring business success this way reminds me of the old joke that ends with, "I couldn't possibly be overdrawn because I still have checks left!" As your rental business grows, you will notice (or perhaps you are already [...]

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True Customer Service Requires a 360 Degree View

Most businesses today are forced to live with "blind spots" in their businesses when it comes to tracking key customer activity. The problem is, there is simply too much information available from disconnected sources and pulling that information together into a single source that is useful is next to impossible. Today's businesses are often stymied [...]

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