We have released the latest Interim Release Download for the ARM product for MAS90 4.30. This file covers level 4.30 through 4.30, build 8, inclusively. Please do not download this file unless you are certain that your ARM software falls within the above specified release levels.

See the IRD Download & Installation Instructions for how to get started and the cumulative enhancements and corrections list for all 4.30 builds.

This IRD contains the integration to allow ARM to work with Paperless Office. We have also made a number of changes to screen libraries in these releases; so, if you have made any changes to any of the screen libraries in either R/O or A/R, then you will need to run the Custom Office rebuild utilities.

Download Size Description
Interim Release, 4.30 (build 8) 8.73 MB File Name ROird430_8.zip — Interim Release as of 02/05/2010(MAS compatible)
ODBC Dictionary Files (4.30) 1.08 MB File Name ROodb430_8.zip — Stock ODBC dictionaries for ARM 4.30


Also, there have been some data dictionary changes in the DDICTS libraries for ARM. So, you may also need to download and install the ROodb430 installer. If any UDF’s have been created for ARM, it will be necessary to look those up and press the “UPDATE” button to put those changes back into the DDICTS files after they have been installed.

As always you can reach out to our support team if you need any assistance.