We have released the latest Interim Release Download for the ARM product for Sage ERP 100 (formerly MAS 90 & 200) version 4.50 and 4.4.  Please do not download this file unless you are certain that your ARM software falls within the below specified release levels.

See the IRD Download & Installation Instructions for how to get started and the cumulative enhancements and corrections list for all 4.50 builds.

This interim release is compatible with Sage Product Update 7.

Download Size Description
Interim Release, 8.5 MB File Name ROird450.7.16.zip — Interim Release as of 10/28/2013 (Sage ERP compatible)
ODBC Dictionary Files (4.50) 1.40 MB File Name ROodb450.4.8.zip — Stock ODBC dictionaries for ARM 4.50


This release of Automated Rental Management Level 4.50 contains the latest enhancements and corrections for the following issues:

  • If using the ARM interface for CRM, it must also be re-installed.
  • Fixed issue in ARM Invoice update that caused average cost items to be recalculated incorrectly when they were sold.  The program was taking the calculated extended amount and adding it to the calculated total dollars in the warehouse and then dividing by the new, reduced quantity, making the new average cost substantially higher than the previous cost.  (ROWUAC)
  • Fixed an issue in Contract Routing Inquiry where the contract number was incorrectly parsed on a closed route.  This prevented drill-down to contract inquiry.  (ROWIDA)
  • Removed the %RO_CHANGE_ORD flag from the condition which forces a SELECT operation in the PRINT_REPORT routine to accommodate a client request.  This was authorized by WVJ.  (ROWFBA)
  • Corrected an issue in the Accessory Explosion program which caused the inventory item channel to be incorrectly point to the contract header channel.  This caused item validations to fail resulting in dropped items when exploding the accessory group.  It sometimes resulted in an error 46 as well. (ROWDAE.ACC)
  • Corrected an issue in invoice data entry that prevented a user from selecting an “adjustment” line type on a rental debit memo.  (ROWDBE)
  • Corrected an issue in contract printing where the Bin Location did not print for Price Quotes.  (ROWFAB)
  • Corrected an issue in the Invoice pre-journal update where the FIFO date in the costing tier work file was incorrectly “packed”, intermittently resulting is assignment of the incorrect FIFO cost.  (ROWJAA)  defect 000722
  • Made changes to contract/invoice printing to correct issue with inability to deliver electronically (email or fax)  (ROWFEB, ROWFAB)
  • Corrected a positioning error with RO1$ (623,2 à 403,2) in the Crystal Routing Worksheet that caused the terms code to be incorrectly retrieved for the work file (ROW002).
  • Rate Table Modification:  corrected issue where copying a contract from invoice history did not copy the rate table associated with the historical invoice but copied the default rate table associated with the item code instead.  (ROWDAE, RO002_RTBMD1)  defect 000729
  • Fixed issue with AvaTax interface where entering a freight charge on the total page for a Credit Memo resulted in an incorrectly calculated tax amount (ROWDBJ, RO_TAX, DSDMD0.AVA)
  • Fixed issue with AvaTax interface where entering a miscellaneous charge line on a Credit Memo resulted in an incorrectly calculated tax amount (DSDMD0.AVA)
  • Resovled Void issue:  if you voided a contract, then called up another contract to void it, if you canceled out of that void, then the contract was voided anyway. (ROWDAA, ROWDAB)
  • Corrected issue in I/M Accessory Item Maintenance: even though the quantity mask was set to 3 decimals, the program kept rounding to two decimal places.  Added “PRECISION 6 FOR OBJECT” to the ON_CREATE routine for the UI and BUS objects.  (IM002_ARMACCESSORYITEM_UI.PVC, IM002_ARMACCESSORYITEM_BUS.PVC)  defect 000695
  • Corrected an issue in the contract copy routine which copies lines from a/r invoice history: comment line text was not coming over.  (RO_ROAO.MAP)  defect 000731
  • Rate Table Modification:  corrected an issue that would cause the auto-invoice setup program to “hang” when attempting to return a contract with rate table items.  (RO002_RTBMD1)  defect 000735
  • Corrected issue where “Return All Lines” in contract entry zeros out the numeric data fields in the IM_ItemWarehouse table. To correct, re-install all mapping programs, run the “Recalculate Item History” utility in inventory, and then run the rebuild application sort files for ARM with the option to recalculate the quantity on rent checked. (ALL mapping files).
  • Corrected an issue in the invoice update routine where the new line rent end date could be set to be less than the new line rent begin date.  (ROWUAE)
  • Removed the 8192 byte limitation on the serial drop list box in contract/invoice line entry. Sage was to have removed this restriction from the grid at 4.50.  (ROWDAT, ROWDBT)
  • Added logic to contract entry to present an error message if G/L account segment substitution fails. (ROWDAE.NEW)
  • Added logic to the Equipment Subrental business object to fail the object creation if the P/O module is not set up for the current company.  (RO_SubrentalWIP_bus.pvc)
  • Corrected Error 80, Program ROWDBB.WRT, line 7317.  (ROWDBB.WRT)
  • Added “open purge” directive to file open routine in an effort to insure that all old records have been removed from the file.  (ROW002).  Defect 000747
  • Issue:  if user changes the Ship-to Code to one that does not have a salesperson code, then the program was blanking out the existing salesperson code.  Added logic to check for this and to prevent blanking out the salesperson code under this condition.  (ROWDAB)  defect 000746
  • Added code to convert the RO_91 UDF table when converting RO_AN à AR_InvoiceHistoryHeader at the 4.40 level.  (RO_LevelConversion.pvc)  NOTE: Before data conversion is performed, you must insure that the UDF names and fields match between the AR_InvoiceHistoryHeader table and those defined for the ROI entity.  Otherwise, data can be lost during the conversion.
  • Added logic to support writing to the AR_CustomerSalespersonHistory table and in support of the Customer Sales History Report. The Crystal Report would have to be modified by the end user. (ROWUAA, ROWUAB, AR002_ARMSalespersonSlsHistByPer_rpt.pvc, AR_SalespersonSlsHistByPer.M4L)
  • Fixed an issue in Picking Sheet/Return Sheet printing where the include line type flags for misc. items, misc. charges, and special items were not being retained between accesses to the program.  (ROWFBA)
  • Corrected an issue in invoice update where the sale of an exploded kit line was not being updated to the IM_ItemWhseHistoryByPeriod table.  The QuantitySoldAsKits field was not being updated.  (ROWUAC)

As always you can reach out to our support team if you need any assistance.

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