Freight and Delivery Costs Can Kill Your Profit

Have you taken the time to determine the true cost of getting equipment to/from your customers? Costs have skyrocketed over the past few years, due largely to the cost of fuel, insurance costs, and equipment maintenance. This is an excellent time to review your policy for charging for freight and delivery/pick up and see if [...]

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Streamline for Profit

Can you imagine how much more money you could make this year if you could achieve 2008 Revenue with 2011 Overhead? As the economy slowly improves, your challenge is to resist the temptation of spending the extra income you generate this year on non-revenue generating overhead. As business increases, you are going to need more people [...]

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How to Improve the Process of Conducting a Physical Inventory

The process of counting your inventory is one of those dreaded, yet essential, business processes that most owners put off until the accountant demands it. The physical count process is disruptive to business, stresses the staff, and usually points out deficiencies that most owners/managers would rather not know about. I would argue that a well-executed and timely [...]

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10 Things You Can Do to Increase Customer Loyalty

As a senior partner in a regional business software firm, I spend a lot of my time trying to make sure we are providing high quality and good value services to our customers. Software quality and efficient and accurate consulting services will go a long way to increasing customer loyalty, but loyalty starts with the [...]

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That’s Great but Will it Clean My Floors?

Hey Ya’ll, It’s the ARM Dude here! My three dogs and I drive my wife crazy by tracking in mud and dirt on our feet getting her clean floors dirty. This sometimes causes some friction around the house. In fact, whenever we have someone coming over to visit, she locks the dogs and me outside [...]

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I Don’t Want to be a Fossil

Hey Ya’ll, It’s the ARM Dude here. An old friend of mine recently wrote that he had just realized that “Right now is a great time”. This was a powerful message because it was coming from a business owner that has seen his share of challenges over the last year. He explained how this revelation [...]

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Good Does Not Equal Memorable

Hey Ya’ll, it’s the ARM Dude here! I have a confession to make today regarding a guilty pleasure of mine. As a man in my late 40’s I have tried to keep this a secret for several years now. The shame that my family and I might encounter if anyone finds out has weighed on [...]

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A Barbie without Arms is not Broken.

Hey Ya’ll, It’s the ARM Dude here. How many of you have ever seen a toy Barbie that is missing both of its arms? This is not something that you would give much thought to but I am sure that most of you have seen this at some time. I’d bet some of you might [...]

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Letters? Girl, I can Make Words

Hey Ya’ll, it’s the ARM Dude here. A couple of weeks ago my two daughters were exchanging emails when they decided to include me in the loop. This is what the email I received said “Dad can make letters? Is this true Dad?” Well this definitely raised my curiosity but it was also confusing. I [...]

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Honey, Just Drag Your Feet and It Will Stop!

Hey Ya’ll, it’s the ARM Dude here. Well it just happened again. My wife accused me of using something of hers in order to perform what she and my girls refer to as “one of my MacGyver repairs”. In this case, we were looking for an extension pole that she uses with her paint roller. [...]

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