This release of Automated Rental Management Level 4.40 contains the latest enhancements and corrections for the following builds:

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LEVEL – 5/23/2012 (Released 8/23/2012 as

  1. This release compatible with Sage Product Update 10.
  2. Corrected an issue where Posting Date field in the AR_OpenInvoice table was not being written by the R/O Invoice Update. (ROWUAB)
  3. Added additional logic to the convert RO_AN AR_InvoiceHistoryHeader routine to insure that invoices in the AR_OpenInvoice table were correctly updated with the proper InvoiceHistoryHeaderSeqNo$ (RO_LevelConversion.pvc) Defect: 000575
  4. Corrected an issue where exploding components of a kit onto a contract causes the “Bill Damage” and “Bill Shortage” flags to default to “N”. (ROWDAE.KIT) Defect: 000537
  5. Corrected an issue where the Transaction Detail Quantity Ordered field was not being correctly adjusted when a contract line was split into two separate lines. (ROWDAE, ROWDAE.SUP) Defect: 000545
  6. Corrected an issue with the Physical Count Worksheet where the on rent quantities for serialized items was incorrectly written to the work file causing on-hand quantities to be negative. (IM002_ARMPhysicalCountWrkst_rpt.pvc) Defect: 000565
  7. Corrected issue with CRM Interface which caused billing and ship-to fields for the original customer code to remain on the contract when switching to a different customer code (ROWDAB).
  8. Corrected installation issues with Enhancement Activation conversion records that occurs when a module for which we have a conversion record is not activated in the current company. Add additional logic to look for and update these orphaned conversion records to the CI_EnhancementActivation file.
    (AR002_ARMLevelConversion, CI002_ARMLevelConversion, IM002_ARMLevelConversion, PO002_ARMLevelConversion, SY002_CustomConversion)
  9. Corrected error 43, program ROWDAY, line 20230. Error was result of attempting to mask the file channel being sent to the query engine to two characters. Error 43 results if the file channel number is greater than two characters. (ROWDAY)
    [defect 583]
  10. Corrected an issue with sub-rental equipment maintenance which automatically splits a serialized line on a contract during purchase order creation even though the line had already been split during serial number distribution on the contract itself. This resulted in a third line for the same item on the contract with a zero quantity ordered. (RO_SubRentalWIP_UI.pvc)
  11. Rewrote ARM invoice update routines to update rental history to IM_ItemTransactionHistory, IM_LotSerialTransactionHistory, and CI_ItemTransactionHistory.
  12. Added logic to C/I conversion routine to build CI_ItemTransactionHistory records after converting the RO7 file to CI_Item and CI_ItemHistoryByPeriod.
  13. Corrected an issue where using a rental price level code appeared to calculate the price correctly on the contract, but resulted in a reset to default pricing when the invoice was generated. (ROWDAE, ROWUCA, RO_LIN.EXT)
  14. Corrected issue in Equipment Usage where Inventory Maintenance UDF data did not appear within their respective fields. Corrected issue with Search drilldown where job cost PNL_MAIN2 failed to display in the session spun off from the drilldown. (ROWMKA, RO_EQUIPMENTUSEMNT.M4P, RO_EQUIPMENTUSEINQ.M4P)
  15. Resolved issue with memos in Equipment Usage where carriage returns within memo text were being displayed as unprintable characters. (ROWMKC) [defect 584]
  16. Corrected an issue in Equipment Usage where drilling down to Invoice History Inquiry from the Status tab caused an error 13 when launching A/R Invoice History Inquiry. The issue was with the %NOMADS_POST_DISPLAY variable used in ROWMKA. This cause the POST_DISPLAY routine of AR_InvoiceHistoryInquiry_UI to not execute in its proper order, resulting in the error. (ROWMKB)
  17. Corrected an error 65 in program ROWLIB when attempting to define credit card object. Object definition fails because there is no security object present in the Session Object. (ROWLIB)
  18. Fixed an issue which caused the “On Repair” quantity in IM_ItemWarehouse to go out of balance from the actual number of serial items in the “On Repair” file. (ROWDAE.SER)
  19. Fixed an issue that caused a record to be written to the IM_ItemWarehouse table with a blank WarehouseCode field. (ROWDAE.NEW)
  20. Corrected error 11 in ARM Invoice data entry when accessing the totals page when not using ARM Cash Management. Any payment type beside “CASH”, “CREDIT CARD”, or “CHECK” would cause the error as the user-defined payment types were not getting read into and loaded into the display drop box. (ROWDBA) [defect 592]
  21. Corrected error 60 that occurs in contract entry serial distribution when displaying distribution dialogue and there are no serial numbers present in that warehouse code for distribution. Added logic to insure that at least one row is displayed in the grid control even if there are no serial numbers to distribute. (ROWDAE.SER)
  22. Corrected an issue in reservations tracking where the calculation to determine the overbooked quantity for subrental management system could overstate the quantity overbooked for the current item. (RO_DAC)
  23. Corrected an issue with the unship utility that attempted to update reservations tracking BEFORE it had adjusted the “On R/O” quantity in IM_ItemWarehouse; this created an “overbooking” issue in reservations tracking. (RO_Unship.utl)
  24. Added logic to contract serial distribution routine to restrict sub-rental lines to only those items which were ordered and received for that line. Standard lines can no longer see sub-rented items. (ROWDAE.SER)
  25. Corrected an error 26 in reservations inquiry that occurred as a result of a change made to SYSFNC regarding the FN%JULVAL function. Function in reservations inquiry was localized. (ROWIRA)
  26. Fixed issue where “Copy From” routine in Contract Entry failed to copy from Invoice History. (ROWDAC) [defect 594]
  27. Fixed issue where “discount” and “commissionable” flags were incorrectly set on Contract/Invoice entry for miscellaneous items. (ROWDAE.NEW, ROWDBE.NEW)
  28. Added logic to fail selection of Vendor Number in subrental maintenance if the A/P Sales Tax Reporting is turned on and the Vendor record does not have a valid sales tax schedule assigned to it. (This causes the setup of a purchase order number to fail when no valid sales tax schedule is assigned to the vendor.) (RO_SubrentalWIP_UI.pvc, RO_SubrentalWIP_BUS.pvc) [defect 589]
  29. Added logic to populate the “AccumulatedDeposits” field in the RO_InvoiceWrk table when reprinting invoices from A/R Invoice History. (AR002_ARMInvoiceHistoryPrinting_rpt.pvc) [defect 577]
  30. Fixed drilldown issue (error 65) in inventory inquiry when attempting to drill down on an open contract. (IM002_ARMITEM_UI.PVC) [defect 586]
  31. Corrected issue where “General notations” would not print when selecting contracts to print via the Quick Batch printing. (Delivery instructions and Return instructions printed, but not the general notations.) (ROWFAB, ROWFBB) [defect 516]
  32. Corrected an issue with serial distribution (unable to distributed a shipped line because of insufficient quantity) which resulted in an imbalance in the quantity “On R/O” in the IM_ItemWarehouse table (ROWDAE, ROWDAE.SER)
  33. Corrected an error 13 in program ROWISC when drilling down into Contract Inquiry from the orders tab of I/M Item Inquiry. (IM002_ARMItem_ui.pvc)
  34. Fixed an error 0 (file busy, CI_Item) in contract entry which occurred after unshipping the lines on the contract, making line changes, and then re-shipping the lines. (RO_UNSHIP.UTL)
  35. AVATAX MOD: Made changes to sales tax recalculation routine and total page routines to minimize the number of calls to the AvaTax calculation objects. (RO_TAX, ROWDAJ, ROWDBJ, ROWUCA, ROWUCC, ROWDAB, ROWDBB)
  36. Corrected issue where sale of FIFO/LIFO items did not recalculate the ExtendedCost field on the IM_ItemCost record for the remaining items in the tier. (ROWUAD)

LEVEL – 3/8/2012 (Released 5/23/2012 as

  1. This release compatible with Sage Product Update 9.
  2. Fixed issue in invoice data entry where after having applied a credit card to a credit memo, then subsequently deleting the payment line from the payment detail window or deleting the entire credit memo failed to properly void the credit issued on the credit card. (ROWDBJ.PMT)
    Defect: 000522.
  3. Standardized date handling between all rate factor calculation modules. (RO_LIB.B, RO_LIB.D, RO_LIB.M, RO_LIB.R)
  4. Made sure ship date and ship time are handled in a consistent manner in contract entry. (ROWDAB, RO_DAA.SHP)
  5. Added method to billing information object to pull ContractStatus and ContractType when working with an invoice billing object that proceeds from a contract. (RO_BillingInfo.pvc)
  6. Corrected issue that when changing a line to be a drop ship sale line, cost still shows on detail line and in Gross Profit Journal. Cost is now zeroed out when setting the drop ship flag on a line (ROWDAE, ROWDBE) Defect: 000523.
  7. Corrected issue where serial warning highlight appeared on serialized item lines where drop ship flag had been set. (ROWDAT) Defect: 000523.
  8. Corrected error 65, line 1110, program ROWPAA. Attempt to open the R/O Options table referred to the object as “_OBJ” instead of %SYS_SS. (ROWPAA)
  9. Added “D002_LineRateFactor” field to the “AR_InvoiceHistoryDetail” table. (RO_LevelConversion.pvc, ROWUAD, providex.dde, providex.ddf) ERQ: 000544
  10. Corrected an issue in Equipment Usage Maintenance with the OnFile Serial number lookup (navigate button) where the “Qty” column was only displaying “quantity on hand” only for serial numbers currently on a contract. Lookup now displays “quantity on hand” for all items in the lookup field. (ROWMKA)
  11. Corrected an issue with the Inventory Bookings Report where the “Quantity Available” was always being returned as zero (ROWR1A) Defect: 000540
  12. Resolved an issue where changing a Quotation into a Standard contract failed to remove the line items from the quotation field in reservations tracking. Lines were then showing as both a quote and standard order in reservations tracking. (ROWDAB.WRT) Defect: 000541
  13. Corrected an error 14 that occurs during a sales kit explosion when a component in the kit contains an extended description. (ROWDAE.KIT, ROWDBE.KIT)
  14. Added a modified version (“Y” level) of the BM_BillHeaderStdKit lookup to only display bills of “Kit” type since ARM does not support standard bills at this time. (ROWDAE, ROWDBE)
  15. Corrected an issue which caused the SalesTaxAmt in the AR_OpenInvoiceTaxSummary file for each tax code of an invoice to be an accumulation of the SalesTaxAmt from the record immediately prior to it. The issue stems from a failure to clear the IOList to the table prior to its use. Performed a code review to insure that no other tables were so affected in the ARM Invoice update. (ROWUAB, ROWUAC) Defect: 000549
  16. Added “D002_SubrentPO$” field to the PO_PurchaseOrderHeader table.
  17. Corrected an issue in Inventory Maintenance Cost Detail tab where zero quantity cost tiers for lotted and serialized items still showed as “On Rent” when the “ALL” warehouse selection was active. (IM002_ARMItemCost_SVC, IM002_ARMItem_UI)
  18. Corrected an issue in the Inventory Transaction update which prevented a sub-let serial number from being written to the IM_ItemCost file. The constants “tierLOT$” and “tierSERIAL$” should have been “valLOT$” and “valSERIAL$” (IM002_ARMTransactionRegister_UPD)
  19. Corrected an issue where ARM Sale Invoice Credit Memos could not be reprinted from A/R Invoice History Inquiry because the SkipPrintCompLine$ flag is automatically set to “Y” when creating the new line in R/O Invoice Data Entry. (ROWDBE.NEW) Defect: 000548
  20. Corrected an issue where predefined comments, selected from the ALE Lookup, could overwrite the line above the current line with the comment information. (ROWDBE) Defect: 000541
  21. Fixed issue where receipt of serialized item through I/M Transaction Receipt entry did not create the Equipment Usage Record. (CI002_ARMUpdateDetailToIM.pvc, IM002_ARMTransactionRegister_upd.pvc) Defect: 000568

LEVEL – 3/8/2012 (Released 5/23/2012 as

  1. This release compatible with Sage Product Update 6.
  2. Completed Subrental Management System.
  3. Added “cost of subrentals” and “subrental revenue” G/L accounts to: ARM Setup Options (for special items), Miscellaneous Item Maintenance, and Product Line Maintenance.
  4. Equipment returns to alternate warehouse subsystem completely rewritten to process through MAS Transaction Entry system. Batch processing capable.
  5. Added Rental Item Pricing Maintenance to Inventory Maintenance. Create item-specific or customer-specific pricing by item.
  6. Corrected an issue in “Serial Detail Status Report” (ROWRYA) where specifying a specific item number resulted in a “data not selected” message.
  7. Reworked serial distribution drop box in the grid control of contract entry. There is a finite number of serial numbers that can be displayed in this drop box; so, we have rewritten the load routine to load active serial numbers before loading returned serial numbers. In the event that all active serial numbers cannot be loaded, the serial distribution list will be truncated at the maximum number of bytes that can be displayed (8192). (ROWDAT, ROWDBT)
  8. Fixed an issue in the sales tax processing program which prevented the loading of sales tax exemption numbers for ship-to addresses. (RO_TAX)

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