This release of Automated Rental Management Level 4.30/4.35 contains the latest enhancements and corrections for the following builds:

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Note: The Delivery/Return Ticket report that is available from the Routing menu in ARM was reworked in 4.30, build 6. The ROWFDA1.rpt Crystal Report was changed, new tables were added to the system, and the ODBC files were recompiled. Download the ODBC installer with this build and install it in addition to the IRD installer.

LEVEL – 1/13/2012 (Released 5/23/2012 as

  1. This release compatible with MAS Service Update 23.
  2. Added the following fields to the RO_BillingCode table: EnforceMaxRateLimits (Y/N); MaxRateLimitType (All, Monthly only).
  3. Added new feature to Escalation billing method: Enforce Maximum Rate Limits. If, for any reason, the extended amount on a line exceeds the basic quantity X escalation price for any given escalation rate, then the line extension will be forced to the maximum rate limit. The rate limit can be enforced on just the monthly rate or on all of the escalation rates. (RO_BillingCode_ui, RO_BillingCode_bus, RO_LIN.EXT, RO_LIB.D, RO_BillingInfo)
  4. Corrected an issue in the billing information object which may have caused a line to be incorrectly calculated because the line billing code could not be correctly determined. The fix entailed stripping the billing method character off of the “CurrentBillCode$” variable if 3 characters are sent into the program instead of just 2. (RO_BillingInfo).
  5. Custom modification AOR – added functionality to affect changes of “WC” will call code if it is set as a customer default or the data entry clerk’s default for ship via. (ROWDAB.DTE)
  6. Custom modification RO4 – ISSUE: user was being denied access to the “ship date” field on a new quote order with the message “contract has been pulled”. Added logic to only make this test if the contract is an new Standard contract. (ROWDAB.DTE)
  7. Quick payment entry: a two character user code caused creation of RO_DR record to be one character shifted out of place. This made it impossible for the system to identify the record as valid for a particular contract/customer number combination causing payment to be incorrectly recorded on a contract/invoice. Corrected by padding the user code field to three characters. Also, added missing lookup for payment type and corrected issue where quick payment did not correctly create a “change” record when change was returned to a customer. (ROWDAJ.QPT, ROWDBJ.QPT)
    [defect 508]
  8. In serial distribution drop box on the line detail grid, ran into an issue where the grid drop box could only hold a maximum of 8,192 characters (language limitation). This caused no serial numbers to be loaded into the list if the serial string exceed this length. Corrected by first trying to eliminate returned serial numbers from the list to force display of only remaining serial numbers; however, if the string still exceeds 8,192 bytes, it will be truncated so that some serial numbers are displayed. (ROWDAT, ROWDBT)
  9. Corrected an issue with the monthly based billing method rate factor calculation module where it sometimes exited without a method base (daily or monthly) causing the line extension to be incorrectly calculated. (RO_LIB.M)
  10. Resolved issue in invoice data entry where deleting credit memo or deleting credit card credit entry from payment detail window failed to properly void the credit card credit with the processor. (ROWDBJ.PMT) [defect 522]
  11. Corrected issue where inserting a line on a contract failed to write the record to the ROX sort file. This made the line invisible to Inventory Inquiry. (ROWDAE)
  12. Corrected issue where entering a /MISC item after having previously entered a regular item on the line above caused the misc item not to be accepted. (ROWDAE)
  13. When returning items to a line, reporting a shortage, or reporting a damage, the behavior will now be to recalculate the line at the current balance remaining of equipment (unless all have been returned and then the line is recalculated at the original order quantity). (ROWDAE)
  14. Corrected issue where changing the commission percentages on the totals page is not retained. (ROWDAB). [defect 442]
  15. Corrected an issue with the contract line audit program where a short record was placed in the audit file when a comment record was deleted (ROWDAE, RO_ContractLineAudti_bus.pvc) [defect 434]
  16. Corrected an issue regarding merging of like item lines where a serial number may have been used multiple times on the same contract: the on-rent serial distribution record will be recreated on a line merge if it has been removed by a previous return. (ROWUAE, ROWUAE.MRG) [defect 438]
  17. Updated the copy contract/invoice logic to create an extended comment message when copying an invalid item. Previously, the comment was the old-style in-line type which no longer shows on the screen. (ROWDAC) [defect 445]
  18. Corrected an issue where ARM Sale Invoice Credit Memos could not be reprinted from A/R Invoice History Inquiry because the SkipPrintCompLine$ flag is automatically set to “Y” when creating the new line in R/O Invoice Data Entry. Correcting data only at this version. (ROWDBE.NEW) [defect 548]
  19. Corrected an issue where predefined comments, selected from the ALE Lookup, could overwrite the line above the current line with the comment information. (ROWDBE) [defect 541]

LEVEL 4.35, Build 2 – 6/8/2010 (Released 12/27/2010)

  1. Corrected an issue in contract entry with the contract copy routine: if a contract was copied from invoice history containing kits and components, then components on the resulting copied contract were disassociated from their parent lines. (ROWDAC, ROWUAD)
  2. Corrected issue in invoice data entry to allow for partial lookup on customer number field. (ROWDBS)
  3. Corrected an issue that resulted in an error 17 and a program dump if you attempted to browse an attachment path in contract entry under MAS 200. (ROWDAB)
  4. Corrected an issue in Contract Entry that occurs when a user makes changes to the line detail, proceeds to the total tab and then presses the [X] button to close the dialogue instead of pressing the Accept button. The user is presented with the prompt: “Do you want to save your changes? (Yes, No, Cancel).” If the user answers “No”, the dialogue closes without saving the contract header changes, putting the contract totals out of sync with the line detail. (ROWDAB)
  5. Fixed an error 47, program ROWDAJ, line 30270 which occurs when a selects “credit card” as the payment type on the totals screen (Cash Drawer Management NOT installed). FNUNPACK$ vs. FN UNPACK_YEAR$ issue. (ROWDAJ, ROWDBJ)
  6. Fixed an issue with the “copy contract” routine which copied “line prebilled” flag to the new copied to line from a line on a prebilled arrears contract. Also, reset the number of periods billed field on the line as well as the bill shortage and bill damage flags. (ROWDAC)
  7. Corrected an error 12 that could occur when MAS checks for the presence of credit cards in ARM legacy files and no credit cards exist. (CI_CreditCard_val.pvc, CI002_ARMCreditCard_val.pvc)
  8. Added logic to the copy contract routine that prevents ELT modification data from being copied to the new contract lines. (ROWDAC)
  9. Corrected an issue which occurs during data file conversion when a company converts from a level lower than 4.20 to a level higher than 4.20: at 4.20, batch file conversion utility is called to convert the batch file headers. This program does not close the channels to RO5 that it opened; therefore, subsequent conversions are unable to lock the RO5 header file, resulting in an error 0. (RO_ContractBatch.utl)
  10. Corrected an issue with the Routing Worksheet report where records would be combined if two or more users were attempting to print the report at the same time. Also fixed an issue that prevented the report work files from properly clearing. (ROW002)
  11. Fixed an error 65 that occurred in contract printing when changing the customer number filters. (ROWFAA)
  12. Fixed an issue where the contract header date cycles two times, leaving the header dates one cycle ahead of the line cycle dates. The situation was caused only if miscellaneous charge lines were added to the invoice prior to the update. (ROWUAE)
  13. Fixed an issue in ARM Invoice payment entry (cash management) where the payment type was not recorded to the RO_DR record. This resulted in a failure of these records to be properly summarized on the Daily Transaction Register (ROWDBJ.PMT)
  14. Corrected an issue in ARM invoice entry for one-step sale invoicing which caused the quantity ordered to update twice to the “On S/O” field in inventory inquiry. (ROWDBE)
  15. Corrected an issue where contract memos were not retained if added to a contract which was copied from Invoice History. (ROWDA9) [Defect 000425]
  16. Corrected an issue in the invoice update that could, under certain circumstances, cause a drop ship item to post to inventory and cost of goods sold. (ROWUAD)
  17. Made a change to the contract line entry program in an attempt to resolve the error 46 which results when an empty 15-byte key is presented to the READ_LINE_REC routine. (ROWDAE)

LEVEL 4.35, Build 1 – 2/5/2010 (Released 6/7/2010)

Be sure that you install MAS Service Update 18 BEFORE you install the ARM 4.35, build 1 IRD.

  1. Modified Routing Worksheet Crystal form and front-end program so that the Record Select logic is embedded on the form and not passed in through the program.  (ROW002, ROW002.rpt)
  2. In Equipment Usage Maintenance, added functionality to automatically advance the screen for all stock panels when creating a new record.  (ROWMKA, ROWMKA.LIB)
  3. Corrected an issue in invoice data entry where the sales/rental commission rates, after being changed by the user, would be reset to their original values if the total screen was redisplayed for any reason.  (ROWDBB)  [Defect: 000385]
  4. Corrected an issue in contract entry where entering a future shipping date on a contract causes the date validation logic to be triggered early resulting in a date error display.  (ROWDAB.DTE) [Defect: 000379]
  5. Corrected issues in contract entry where when entering a quantity shipped on a kit line, the exploded components did not cascade with a shipped quantity.  Also, corrected the issue where unshipping a contract or a kit line failed to unship the component items.  (ROWDAE, ROWDAE.KTI, RO_UNSHIP.UTL)  [Defect 000372]
  6. Added logic to contract entry/invoice entry contract note maintenance such that if the user enters a delivery instruction, return instruction, or special note and then presses the “[X]” button instead of the “Accept” button, we will automatically collect the note information and write it to the file instead of discarding the information.  (ROWDA9, ROWDB9)
  7. Corrected issue with contract line detail bill code lookup.  No longer generates an error 12.  (ROWDAE.SUP)  [Defect 000388]
  8. Updated BCS Internet Connection Wizard to take user directly to page containing Notice of Interim Release for download of ARM IRD files.  (ROWBCS, ROWBCS.LIB)
  9. Corrected an issue in contract/invoice data entry that occurs when a user leaves a line before entering a quantity ordered:  the price level discounting is not applied when the user comes back to the line to enter a quantity ordered.  (ROWDAE, ROWDBE)
  10. Corrected an issue in invoice data entry where entering a unit price/extension results in a zero dollar extension for rental return credit memos. (ROWDBE)
  11. Fixed an issue in invoice update that resulted in an error 13 when the program attempted to update the A/R Customer PDF log file. (ROWUAB)
  12. Corrected an issue with contract entry for Sale Contracts where changing the unit price caused the quantity to be added again to the “On SO/BO” field in Inventory Inquiry. (ROWDAE)
  13. Corrected an issue in invoice entry that prevented creation of an “Adjustment” rental line on a return rental invoice (the line defaulted to “Sale” and the user could not change that value). (ROWDBE)
  14. Corrected an issue with pre-lookup processing where, under certain circumstances, the last two characters of a lookup code could be stripped off prior to being passed to the lookup engine. (ROWLIB)
  15. Corrected an issue in invoice entry where if the user is entering an adjustment line for a serialized item and inadvertently leaves the line before distributing a serial number, they are not able to access the serial distribution window upon re-entering the line. (ROWDBE.GRD)
  16. Corrected an issue in invoice entry where attempting to enter a rental adjustment credit after the fact for the escalation billing method fails to calculate the extended amount of the credit correctly. (ROWDBE, ROWDBE.NEW, RO_LIB.D)

LEVEL 4.30, Build 8   1/6/2010 (Released 2/5/2010)

  1. Fixed error 42 in the tax module in the STAX_DISC routine that occurred when changing the discount percentage amount. (RO_TAX)
  2. Fixed error 43 which occurred in the Contract History Inquiry program when selecting a contract to display from the lookup window. (RO_ContractHistoryInquiry_UI.pvc)
  3. Fixed an issue with the tax calculation program where Tax On Tax calculations were not occurring when they should have been. (RO_TAX)
  4. Fixed an issue in Invoice Entry where changing the unit price on a shortage line caused the extension to go to zero. (ROWDBE)
  5. Added logic to prevent user from zeroing out the quantity shipped field on a distributed serialized line. This was causing serial numbers to become orphaned on the contract. Entering zero now prompts the user to invoke the “unship line” utility if he has rights to that function. (ROWDAE,ROWDAE.SUP)
  6. Fixed an error 11 (missing key) issue in the billing engine that results when attempting to bill a contract from the contract totals or contract preview page. (ROWUCA)
  7. Reworked contract and inventory logic to insure that no kit line items are reported as being “ON S/O” when the line item is added as a sale line. If the item is added as a rental kit line, then it will be reported as “ON R/O”. However, during the physical count process, quantities on rent will be reported up to the quantity owned in the IM2 file. [defect: 000374] (RO_DAA.RNT, RO_DAA.SHP, ROWDAA, ROWDAB.MST, ROWDAB.WRT, ROWDAC, ROWDAE.ADD, ROWDAE.KDL, ROWDAE.KIT, ROWDAE.REM, ROWDAE.SUP, ROWDBA, ROWDBB, ROWDBE.KDL, ROWDBE.KIT, ROWDBE.SUP, ROWPIB, ROWUZA).
  8. Corrected an issue in contract entry where the time fields continued to be displayed when the contract profile did not call for time entry. (ROWDAB.SUP)
  9. Corrected issue in ARM Setup Options where the “Enable Batch Processing” check box could not be activated without generating an error zero. (RO_Options_ui.pvc, RO_Options_bus.pvc, RO_Invoice_bus.pvc) [defect: 000378]
  10. Added customer city and state to information being passed to Sage Payment Services via ARM software. (ROWDAJ,ROWDAJ.PMT,ROWDAJ.QPT,ROWDBJ, ROWDBJ.PMT, ROWDBJ.QPT, ROWDDA, ROWDDB, ROWUAA.CCP)
  11. Contract entry modified to allow a user with credit limit override rights to generate an invoice from within contract entry. (ROWDAJ)

LEVEL 4.30, Build 7   10/14/2009 (Released 1/6/2010)

  1. Fixed issue with tab sequencing in contract entry where every field suddenly tabbed to the Cancel button instead of to the next control in the tab sequence (ROWDAA.LIB)
  2. Fixed an issue in Invoice Entry where invoice number lookup did not use batch file when batch processing was enabled (all invoices were displayed). (ROWDBS)
  3. Added rental data to the following A/R reports:
    AR_CustomerSalesAnalysis.rpt; AR_CustomerSlsHistByPer.rpt; AR_CustomerListingBal.rpt
  4. Fixed issue on Open Contracts Report where tax detail does not print even when the box on the options screen is checked. (ROWRFB) [Defect #350]
  5. Fixed issue with billing engine where sale/rental lines would extend at the contract extension amount if there was a partial shipment on the line. (ROWUCA)
  6. Fixed issue with billing engine that occurred on a pre-billed arrears contract if the user pre-billed a new line during the second bill cycle and then attempted to return all or part of the line during that pre-bill cycle. The program wanted to bill from the end of the contract header cycle to the return date of the line instead of issuing a credit from the date of the return to the end of the second pre-bill cycle on the line. (ROWUCA)
  7. Fixed issue in billing engine where %RO_UPDATE flag is set but not turned off. This causes reservations tracking to stop reporting overbooking messages if an invoice is generated from the totals page of the contract. (ROWUCA)
  8. Corrected issue in billing engine with Advanced-based escalation rentals where an expected credit was a very large negative number. (ROWUCA)
  9. Fixed an issue in contract/invoice entry where lines appear to randomly shift their position with respect to each other. This was caused when inserting an accessory trigger item between two existing lines, and then deselecting all of the accessory items so that only the accessory trigger item is added to the contract. The inserted trigger item line and the line immediately below it temporarily shared the same “display index.” During the process to resolve this, the lines were swapped, as the code that resolves duplicate “display indexes” always moves the line with the lowest sequential index to the top during the resolution process. (ROWDAE, ROWDBE)
  10. Fixed an issue with comment lines where they were always recording a change record in the line audit file even if you did not make a change to the line. (ROWDAE, ROWDBE)
  11. Fixed an issue with the grid controls in contract entry/invoice entry. When moving a row or column, the resulting destination loses some of its formatting until such time as the grid is redrawn with the new configuration. Upper case fields were allowing entry of lower case data. (ROWDAE, ROWDBE, ROWDAE.GRD, ROWDBE.GRD)
  12. Fixed an issue in contract entry where the tab sequence jumped to the CANCEL button from the Ship Date field. (ROWDAB.DTE)
  13. Added support for automatically changing the sales tax schedule in contract/invoice entry when the ShipTo Zip Code is changed, providing the company Sales Tax Schedule Zip Code Cross-reference file has been populated. (ROWDAB, ROWDBB, RO002_ZipCode_svc.pvc)
  14. Fixed several issues with the billing engine (ROWUCA):
    1.  Fixed an issue with pre-billed arrears contracts where equipment added to the contract outside of the initial prebill period (and also prebilled) could not be returned correctly to the second prebilled period ahead of the rebill of the initial period.
    2. Fixed an issue with advanced escalation billing where credit for an entire period was not correctly calculated from the “average daily rate.” There was a rounding issue.
  15. Corrected error 23, program ROWFAB, line 1123. { READ DATA FROM construct with no ERR=*NEXT on the line} (ROWFAB)
  16. Addressed issue in contract entry where changing the quantity ordered on a kit line on a price quote did not automatically update the component quantities. Addressed the same issue on an open pending return contract where a kit line and its associated components are added as new lines to an existing contract. (ROWDAE.SUP)
  17. Corrected an issue in contract entry where quantity changes on component lines were not being recorded in the line audit file if the change order modification was not installed. (ROWDAE.KIT)
  18. Fixed issue that occurs when Change Order module is installed (MOD:RO4): when printing change order, changed lines do not create place holder records in the extended description file, causing a need for a left outer join on that table. (ROWFBB) [Defect 000356]
  19. Added additional logic to clear work files to the contract and pick sheet printing programs in an attempt to clear line and header files after recovering from a previous print failure. (ROWFAB, ROWFBB)
  20. Fixed an issue in contract/invoice entry that allowed an extension amount to be entered on an item-type line without entering a quantity ordered or a quantity shipped. (ROWDAE,ROWDBE)
  21. Fixed an issue in contract/invoice entry that allowed the user to enter a “/C” comment and then backspace over the “/C” and enter a regular item code. The resulting line could not be edited. (ROWDAE,ROWDBE)
  22. Fixed an issue in contract entry with the Month-to-Month billing method where changing the ship date (security event to allow ship date to control other dates is on) caused the ending cycle date to change to an incorrect value. (ROWDAZ,ROWDAB.DTE)
  23. Fixed an issue in contract serial distribution where aborting a serial distribution on a return failed to adjust the quantity returned on the contract line detail record, creating an out of balance condition on the line. (ROWDAE.SER)
  24. Modified Route Dispatch Center to remove routing information from the contract header (if the record can be extracted) when a route or stop is deleted. (ROWMRA)
  25. Corrected an issue in contract entry where initial ship of a line can incorrectly use the wrong shipping date on the transaction detail records. (ROWDAB, RO_DAA.SHP)
  26. Corrected an issue in the billing engine where “catch up” billing on an arrears-based line would be prematurely triggered before the expiration of the current billing cycle on that line. (ROWUCA)
  27. Added logic to contract entry customer selection routine to prevent an overridden freight charge from being recalculated if the customer number is changed and the Ship Via method is reset to the default ship via on the customer account. (ROWDAB)
  28. Added logic to the invoice update to allow for posting of accumulated deposits in detail if setup options allow for posting G/L in detail. (ROWUAD)
  29. Corrected an issue in Quick Route Entry: if a valid contract was routed, and a subsequent entry was an invalid entry, a second line would be created on the route for the previous valid contract; however, all of the totals on the contract header would be set to zero. (ROWQRA)
  30. ARM Rebuild Sort File Routine now recalculates the “On Repair” field in Inventory Inquiry. (ROWUZA)
  31. Fixed an issue in the level conversion program that generated an error 13 (permissions error) on the RO_ContractHeader table when converting to level 4.30. (RO_LevelConversion.pvc)
  32. Revised the logic in the billing engine that reports line under invoice in the exceptions report to only report rental lines. (ROWUCA) [Defect 000371]
  33. Fixed issue in invoice update where invalid characters were being written to the “CancelReasonCode” field in the RO_ContractHistoryHeader table. (ROWUAE) [Defect 000368]
  34. Fixed issue in contract/invoice entry where you could not create a new ship to address by pressing the “Customer” button and then accessing the “Primary Shipto” link. User would get a message telling them they had insufficient rights to create the record. (ROWDAB,ROWDBB) [Defect 000367]
  35.  Rewrote the credit limit handling routines in contract/invoice entry. The current routines could not handle the “Aging Category” method of credit checking. (ROWDAB,ROWDAO,ROWDBB,ROWDBO,RO_Customer_Svc.pvc)
  36. Corrected an issue in contract/invoice entry where inserting a sale component into a sale kit failed to assign a cost of goods sold G/L account. (ROWDAE.NEW, ROWDBE.NEW)
  37. Addressed issue in Quick Route Entry that allowed a user to route a voided or expired contract by manually entering the contract number. (ROWQRA)
  38. Fixed issue in Contract/Invoice Entry where profile hyperlink failed to launch the Contract Profile Maintenance routine (ROWDAB.SUP, ROWDBB.SUP)

LEVEL 4.30, Build 6 06/15/2009 (Released 10/14/2009)

Note: The Delivery/Return Ticket report that is available from the Routing menu in ARM was reworked in this build. The ROWFDA1.rpt Crystal Report was changed, new tables were added to the system, and the ODBC files were recompiled. Download the ODBC installer with this build and install it in addition to the IRD installer.

  1. Changed out legacy code for Sales Tax Schedule Maintenance in contract/invoice entry to 4.x business framework calls. (ROWDAB, ROWDBB)
  2. When moving lines in and out of kit blocks and when moving components between kits, the default user response to the verification prompts has been changed from “Yes” to “No.” (ROWDAE.GRD, ROWDBE.GRD)
  3. Fixed issue where changing a customer number on a contract resulted in a failure to load tax exemption information for an exempt customer if the previous customer used the same tax schedule. (ROWDAB)
  4. Added logic to clear credit card authorization information when a contract is invoiced and updated back to the contract header. This makes it possible to issue subsequent authorizations against the customer’s card as needed. (ROWUAE)
  5. Corrected issue where user gets a “Is this a new ship to?” prompt for a ship to code that is not new, if he previously received this prompt for a code that was new (flag was not reset). (ROWLIB)
  6. Resolved a billing issue that occurs when using the Rate Table modification (RTB) and a return is processed against a line during the period for which it has been previously billed. The unit price would be returned as a very large negative value. Deleting the invoice and recreating it resulted in the correct results. (ROWUCA, ROWUCC, RO002_RTBMD1)
  7. Corrected issue where comment lines would not print on the Shipper/Receiver Sheet (ROWFSB)
  8. Addressed issue where a Kit Item line which has assigned accessory items explodes the kit components but never prompts for the accessory item explosion. (ROWDAE, ROWDBE)
  9. Added logic to the batch number routine to check for an existing batch and restart records when attempting to access invoice entry or the billing engine. (ROWMHA)
  10. Added logic to contract entry so that when converting a price quote to a standard order, the order is now automatically redisplayed after the conversion instead of a blank screen. (ROWDAB, ROWDAB.WRT)
  11. Overhauled selected LIST modes to prevent issue where CONTROL$ variable is not properly set resulting in a displayed lookup that is not appropriate to the current field. [Defect 000208] (ROWDAA, ROWDAB, ROWDAB.PG2, ROWDAC, ROWDAJ, ROWDAR, ROWDAS, ROWDBA, ROWDBB, ROWDBJ, ROWDBR, ROWDBS, ROWFAA)
  12. Reworked Delivery/Return Ticket printing to allow tickets to print for all routes/stops pertaining to a contract. Previously, only the last stop would print for any given contract (ROWFDA, ROWFDB, ROWFDA1.RPT – ODBC tables) [ER: 000330]
  13. Corrected an issue in ARM Contract/Invoice split commission distribution where selecting a salesperson code shorter than 4-characters in length would be rejected as an invalid salesperson code by the system. (ROWDAR, ROWDBR)
  14. *NEW* Added a “Net Invoice” column to the Sales/Revenue Journal; redesigned the invoice batch selection dialogue. (ROWMHA.LIB,ROZJAB)
  15. *NEW* Added “Copy” button to the Accessory Maintenance dialogue to speed up entry of accessory packages. (ROWIAN,ROWMAA.LIB)
  16. In contract entry, if the “ship date” is changed to a future period, then the calendar at each of the other date positions will default to the month of the ship date if it is invoked in order to minimize the number of button presses to change the other date fields. This only occurs when first setting up the contract. (ROWDAB.DTE)
  17. Corrected issue with Contract Defaults Maintenance where translation table shifted characters up one for contract type and line type selections. This resulted in incorrect default selections when creating new contracts. (ROWDAB.SUP, RO_ContractDefaults.M4L)
  18. Corrected an issue where a user with A/R Credit Override rights is unable to change the “Hold” status on a contract to any other status if the customer is over his established credit limit. (ROWDAB)
  19. Corrected an issue where the “transaction date” on the A/R Transaction Payment History record would be set to the transaction date of the most recent prior transaction if a prior invoice in the update batch had applied a previous prepayment to its invoice. The transaction date would have been the transaction date for this prepayment instead of the invoice date of the credit memo being processed. Added logic to clear the variable records for transaction payment history after a prepayment gets applied. (ROWUAB)
  20. Corrected an error 13 in program PO002_ReservationsTracking_upd.pvc that occurred when quick-printing the P/O number and then returning to the same P/O for additional work on the line detail. The internal variables used for the reservation tracking channels needed to be opened to global file handles to prevent the files from being closed by the BEGIN at the beginning of the P/O print routine.
  21. Corrected error 12, program ROZJAC, line 0460. Program was trying to read the RO_AD file instead of the AR_Salesperson file.
  22. Fixed issue in Invoice Data Entry where user never received a prompt to explode Accessory Package. The explosion was automatic all the time. (ROWDBE, ROWDBE.ACC)
  23. Corrected error 14, program ROWURA, line 0316. Error occurred when user attempted to rebuild reservations tracking for a specific item from within the Reservations Inquiry program. (ROWURA)
  24. Fixed issue with ARM Inventory Inquiry where Accessory Inquiry list box is disabled when in inquiry mode. This also disables the scroll bar, preventing viewing of accessory items below the visible screen. (ROWIAN)
  25. Added lookup to “Reason” field. When setting the “Hold” status flag, this field is opened for the user to select a reason code. The lookup was missing. (ROWDAA.LIB, ROWDAB)
  26. Added the “Shipping date” and “Pickup date” fields to the check against the holiday file in contract entry. (ROWDAB.DTE)
  27. Corrected an issue in “Serial Item Return-to-Stock Entry” where user was unable to return an item to stock if the serial number had been transferred to a different warehouse prior to the attempted restock. (ROWDHA)
  28. Improved accuracy of the module which calculates the rate factor for the monthly billing method. (RO_LIB.M)
  29. Added logic to the billing module which validates the presence of any “in invoicing” flags found on the contract line detail. Lines with this flag set are skipped for continuing rebilling. (ROWUCA)
  30. Corrected issue in reprint module for invoices printed from invoice history: salesperson name not correctly loaded into the workfile. (ROWFR3)
  31. Corrected issue in Contract entry where changing the line type from “R” to “S” failed to properly record the “On S/O” committment in Inventory Inquiry. (ROWDAE.ADD)
  32. Added logic to the contract/invoice entry to prevent the erroneous validation of a ‘sale only’ product line, causing a ‘sale only’ item to be added to the contract as a rental item. (ROWDAE,ROWDBE)
  33. Corrected the error 11 which occurred in invoice printing when an auto-invoice print was initiated from contract entry after a previous contract had been quick-printed. (ROWDAA)
  34. Added logic to the Invoice Print routine to prevent the program from prompting the user to print the Sales Journal if the invoice was quick-printed or auto-printed from contract entry. (ROWFEA, ROWFEB)
  35. Corrected error 47 in program ROWRNB, line 0770 that occurred when sorting by salesperson and there are no divisions in A/R. (ROWRNA, ROWRNB)
  36. Corrected error 43 in Delivery/Return ticket printing which occurred when using route number lookup. (ROWFDA)

LEVEL 4.30, Build 5 03/12/2009 (Released 6/15/2009)

Integrated Paperless Office this build: forms, journals, reports, period end

  1. Removed legacy “credit limit override” password and replaced with appropriate Security Event. (ROWDAB, ROWDAO, ROWDBB, ROWDBO)
  2. Eliminated error 32, program ROWDAE.ADD when reading for master order line.
  3. Eliminated error 41, program ROWICA, line 4740.
  4. Fixed issue with line search where search routine was not finding the correct line. (ROWDAE.GRD, ROWDBE.GRD)
  5. Corrected issue that prevented Sales/COGS g/l accounts from printing on the Gross profit report unless A/R Sales Commission reporting was active. (ROZJAC)
  6. Fixed issue where customer memos designated to “pop-up” would not pop when changing the customer number on an existing contract. (ROWDAB, ROWDAS)
  7. In Invoice History Reprint, changed the “balance remaining” field to reflect the balance remaining on the contract after the current return amount is applied (ROWFR3).
  8. Fixed issue with billing engine (ROWUCA): IF user selects “all line types” on and advanced, “open-pending” contract where the bill through date is less than the current cycle date, the generated invoice advanced the rental cycle date even though no rebill lines were invoiced.
  9. Fixed issue with ARM Orders panel in A/R Customer Maintenance/Inquiry where the Customer P/O number did not show. (AR_Customer.m4l)
  10. Added line ship dates from transaction detail shipper record to the detail print line for picking sheets (ROWFBA, ROWFBB).
  11. Fixed an issue with “cash drawer lite” where a post authorization for a credit card during the invoice update would report an error and abort the update even though the error log indicated the post authorization was successful. (ROWUAA.CCP)
  12. Fixed an issue in contract/invoice entry (error 65) which occurred when taking a credit card payment when no credit card processor was active on the system. (ROWDAJ, ROWDBJ, RO_NoCreditCard.pvc)
  13. Fixed issue in serial distribution window when the “Dist” button has been used to activate line-by-line distribution: user receives no warning if the serial number has been distributed on a previous line of the same contract. (ROWDAE.SER, ROWDBE.SER)
  14. Fixed issue with text in the RO_02 file ending in a single space having that space stripped and causing words to run together. (ROWFAB, ROWFBB, ROWFDB)
  15. Fixed issue that occurred when returning serialized equipment: if the user got an “out of balance distribution” error message and chose to abort the distribution, the program removed the wrong transaction receiver record along with the serial distributions for that receiver record. This caused previously returned serial numbers to appear as though they were now unreturned. ( ROWDAE.SER, ROWDAE.SUP, RO_LineHandler.pvc)
  16. Fixed issue where the Equipment Usage record (RO_I4) is not updated with previous renter information if the unit is returned first to an “on repair” status. (ROWUAD)
  17. Fixed issue in Open Order by Item Report which prevented special and misc. items from printing on the report when the user selected either or both of those options. (ROWRGA) [Defect 000297]
  18. Fixed issue on Serialized Item Availability report where rental items were still included on the report even when the user selects not to include them. Fixed issue where rental history information (if available) is not printed if the user elects not to include rental items. (RO_SerialAvailabilityReport_Rpt.pvc)[Defect 000309]
  19. Added logic to line entry grid selection logic to initiate processing for Bill Code selection if user changes bill code (ROWDBE)
  20. Fixed error 47 that occurred when opening an invoice is cash management is not active (ROWDBB).
  21. Fixed issue where saving a new credit card in ARM Credit Card entry caused the Customer Credit Limit to be zeroed out. (ROWDAJ.PMT,ROWDBJ.PMT)
  22. Fixed issue with arrears billing methods where the rate factor is zeroed out for all contact lines if additional equipent is added to a prebilled contract and the additional lines are invoiced. (ROWUAE, RO_LIB.B, RO_LIB.D, RO_LIB.M, RO_LIB.R)
  23. Fixed issue where the R/O Setup Option “Use Item Default Warehouse” (3. Line Entry) had not been implemented. (ROWDAE.NEW, ROWDBE.NEW)
  24. Resolved user interface issues with accessory item package setup in Inventory Maintenance and Inquiry (ROWIAN, ROWIAA.LIB, ROWMAA.LIB) [Defect 000274]
  25. Resolved issue that occurred when user over-types a rental item code with a sale item only code on a new line (before the line is saved) and uses the <down-arrow> key to leave the line. The sale only item retains the “rental” setting of the previous line. (ROWDAE, ROWDBE)
  26. Fixed issue with Cash Management’s Quick Payment entry buttons where the buttons were not disabled for price quotes. This allowed a credit card payment to be taken on a price quote. (ROWDAB.SUP, ROWDBB.SUP)
  27. Fixed issue in A/R Customer Maintenance on the Orders tab where search by customer PO did not work. (AR_Customer.M4L) [Defect 000316]
  28. Fixed issue that occurred if you rented an item in a warehouse which did not have a warehouse detail record (IM2): you could not see the qty shipped in inquiry. (ROWDAE.SUP, RO_DAA.SHP) [Defect 000289]
  29. Added some additional logic in an effort to eliminate the issue where a sale only item occasionally attaches to a contract as a rental item. (ROWDAE, ROWDAE.NEW, ROWDAT, ROWDBE, ROWDBE.NEW, ROWDBT, ROWDAU, ROWDBU)
  30. Corrected an issue where the rental “On R/O” field would be doubled if the user “unshipped” the line by typing a quantity of zero into the quantity shipped field reshipped the line, and unshipped it again in the same manner. (ROWDAE, ROWDAE.SUP, ROWDAE.ADD, ROWDAE.REM, ROWDAE.TRN, RO_UNSHIP.UTL)
  31. Special/General notations button on contract entry and invoice entry header will now be a highlighted color when notes are present in the file. (ROWDAA.LIB, ROWDAB, ROWDBA.LIB, ROWDBB) [Request: 000326]
  32. Added logic to insure that a contract could be unshipped (on the header) if it contained lines that were in a “new” status (unshipped lines could have been added to a contract after it was initially shipped, or the user answered “no” to the “ship all lines” prompt). [Defect: 000327] (RO_UNSHIP.UTL)
  33. Increased the width of the description field on the accessory selection dialogue from 25 characters to 32 characters to accommodate the complete description of the item. (Screen panel change only) [Defect: 000328] (ROWDAA.LIB)
  34. Fixed return issue in billing engine where multiple receivers processed against a single line for different time periods all invoiced for the time period of the first receiver processed. (ROWUCA)
  35. Corrected error 47, program ROW004.CRW, line 2525.
  36. Corrected error 11, program ROWDDA, line 3230.
  37. Corrected error 36, program ROWDAJ, line 20824 (AR002_ARMCreditCardSPS.pvc)
  38. Fixed issue in conversion program where rental commission amount was not properly transferred to the AR_SalesCommission file due to a field name conflict. (RO_LevelConversion.pvc)
  39. Corrected issue in ARM Tax Recalculation utility which caused the Damage Waiver field to be set to zero on contracts and invoices (ROWSTA, ROWSTA.LIB)
  40. Fixed issue with Tax Schedule Change routine where damage waivers were being miscoded as sale transactions instead of rental transactions, causing their taxable/non-taxable balances to fail to be added to the tax header files. (ROWLIB)
  41. Corrected an obscure issue that resulted in a price quote being changed to a standard order when the customer had no tax schedule assigned and the schedule attached to the order was numeric and invalid and the user moves from the address tab to the header tab. (ROWDAB)
  42. Resolved issue where changing status to “ship” and answering prompt “no” to ship all lines presented the user with the “save changes” prompt. (ROWDAB)
  43. Added security event for unit price override to the extended amount field in contract and invoice entry. (ROWDAE, ROWDBE)
  44. Added logic to billing engine and invoice update to allow a line that may have been skipped during a rebilling because it had an invoice transaction against it to be picked up and rebilled subsequently. (ROWUCA, ROWUAE)
  45. Corrected issue in Driver Maintenance where driver license information was not being retained. (ROWMDA.LIB)
  46. Corrected issue in Billing Engine with regard to cost based price schedule calculations on shortage/damage bill items..was using std/retail price in calculation instead of standard cost. (ROWUCA)
  47. Corrected issue with distribution of serial numbers for damaged items: if there were more than one damaged serial number on a line, the distribution would be accumulated under the last serial number selected as a damaged item. (ROWDAE.DMG, ROWDAA.LIB)
  48. Corrected an issue where, under certain circumstances, a Price Quote could be placed in a “shipped” status. (ROWDAB.SUP)

LEVEL 4.30, Build 4 01/20/2009 (Released 03/12/2009)

  1. Fixed issue in Cash Drawer update that caused data to be lost in A/R Cash Receipts when the payment reference number was duplicated between two or more transactions to the same customer number in the same update run (ROWUVA)
  2. Fixed issue in invoice update which caused the check number and payment date fields to be blanked when applying invoice to account where prepayments had been made previously (ROWUAB)
  3. Resolved error 47, program ROWDBJ at line 10017 (Sale invoice attempting to access bill profile string)
  4. Resolved error 47, program ROWDBB.SUP, line 223
  5. (Sale invoice attempting to access bill profile string)
  6. Fixed an issue on ‘Open-Pending Return’ contracts where changing the tax schedule caused the order status to be reset to ‘Standard – New’. (ROWDAB)
  7. Fixed error 26 in program ROWDAE.ADD that occurred when attempting to overtype an item number with a new item on a new line. (ROWDAE)
  8. Fixed issue that allowed customer number field to be changed after a payment had been applied to the contract. (ROWDAB.SUP)
  9. Corrected issues that prevented reservations tracking from updating correctly when changing or deleting a purchase order in P/O Entry. (PO002_ReservationsTracking_upd.pvc, POWDAA, PO_RO1)
  10. Corrected issue where user begins typing extended comment without entering an item number or ‘/C’ comment designator and causes line entry to ‘freeze.’ (ROWDAE, ROWDBE)
  11. Fixed issue with Customer Last Transaction lookup in contract entry lines where customer numbers with less than seven characters did not display correctly. (ROWDAE.SUP)
  12. Changed out the customer lookup on contract entry and invoice entry to use the AR_Customer lookup instead of the legacy AR1 lookup to facilitate use of UDF fields in A/R Customer Maintenance (ROWDAA.LIB, ROWDBA.LIB, ROWDAS, ROWDBS, ROWDAB, ROWDBB)
  13. Made a change to the line handler program to correct an issue that returned a false line count. (RO_LineHandler.pvc)
  14. Corrected an issue with return credits for contracts using the escalation billing method. Credits were incorrectly calculated at a fraction of the daily rate (rate factor was incorrect). (ROWUCA)
  15. Corrected memory issue (“too many files open” error) that occurred when updating a very large batch of invoices. (ROWUAE)
  16. Fixed issue in contract/invoice entry where “entry exceeds available quantity” dialogue is displayed even when the “check quantity available” options is turned off. (ROWDAE, ROWDBE)
  17. Fixed a conversion issue where, if ARM Job Cost interface is turned on, this parameter gets switched to “N”. (RO_LevelConversion.pvc)
  18. Fixed issue in 4.x conversion program that was deleting the line audit file (RO_2B). It should have been deleting the credit overlap file (RO_2A). (RO_LevelConversion.pvc)

LEVEL 4.30, Build 3 12/31/2008 (Released 1/20/2009)

  1. Corrected error 75 that occurred when pressing the “flashlight” lookup in Customer Last Transaction Maintenance. (RO_CustomerLastPurchase_UI.pvc)
  2. Corrected an issue in ARM Inventory Inquiry where the inventory memo button would not correctly activate for use (ROWIAA)
  3. Corrected issue in contract/invoice entry where the lookup for Ship-to Address maintenance failed to display active ship-to addresses. (ROWDAA.LIB,ROWDAB,ROWDBA.LIB,ROWDBB,ROWLIB)

LEVEL 4.30, Build 2 12/19/2008 (Not released)

  1. Corrected issue in contract entry which allowed a user to “unreturn” a receiver which had already been invoiced (ROWDAE.TRN)
  2. Resolved error 47, program ROWDBJ.PMT, line 3868.
  3. Resolved error 47, program ROWDBB, line 2559 (fixed 2550).
  4. Fixed issue with accessory explosion if the accessory package contains a kit item. Kit will not longer automatically explode if its setting is “never”. (ROWDAE.ACC,ROWDBE.ACC)
  5. Fixed issue with Contract Inquiry where a sale contract displayed the incorrect ship date [Defect: 000246] (ROWISA,ROWISA.LIB,ROWISB)
  6. Changed ARM invoice update to read the GL_SalesTax file directly to see if sales tax maintenance has been established by sales tax code. Previously, it relied upon a link between the old GL_15 file and the GL_SalesTax file. If the link were broken, then the correct G/L account is not used. [Defect: 000258] (ROWUAD)
  7. Fixed issue in contract/invoice entry where deleting kit component line or line from an accessory package caused the line that rolled into the deleted slot to lose its data in the lower grid. (ROWDAE,ROWDBE)
  8. Resolved error 41, program ROWDAJ.PMT, line 0782. Trying to reposition to last column of payment grid that user had been working in. If the LAST.COL variable was zero, the error 41 resulted.