Automated Rental Management users should ensure that they have done everything they can to protect themselves from the JohnyCryptor ransomware virus. is a high-risk ransomware which locks the files on an infected computer and then demands payment from the victims to unlock the files. Once activated, encrypts files and displays a pop up with instructions on how victims can buy the necessary decryption key which allegedly will recover and unlock the encrypted files.

Organizations that use weak or default passwords on local Windows accounts and domain accounts are at an increased risk for attack. All ARM users should ensure that the accounts that are utilized within the Sage 100 infrastructure use strong passwords to protect the Sage 100 environment from this ransomware. ARM Software strongly recommends that organizations change default passwords for all accounts that are created during your system implementation in favor of strong passwords that are rotated regularly.

If your organization has not changed the default passwords created during installation, we recommend you do so immediately to protect your business from this ransomware.

If you have any further questions or need help changing your password, please feel free to contact our support team or give us a call at (800) 622-9014.

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