6 Ways Your Peers Are Improving Rental Management Maturity

The rental industry is booming, and the rental management software industry is booming right along with it. Whether your company rents heavy duty construction equipment, cameras, party supplies, tools or any number of other items, rental firms seeking a competitive edge have been turning to advanced software to better manage their rental needs. Here are [...]

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5 Reasons You’ll Want to Consider Upgrading Your Rental System Before 2013

Now that election season is finally over, we have more certainty of what to expect over the next four years. Some people will be celebrating and some will be grumbling, but as with any Presidential election, the reality is that not much will change in the rental industry. However, the remainder of the year is [...]

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5 Ways to Save Time, Money AND the Environment

In 2012, the average business will produce almost a pound of printed documents per employee, per day. You may be shocked to learn that more than 90% of that printed material ends up in the trash can within hours of being printed! The money and resources wasted daily by American business on printing unnecessarily is shameful. [...]

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Integrate your Accounting and Rental Operations

Most small business owners equate business health to the amount of cash they have in the bank. Measuring business success this way reminds me of the old joke that ends with, "I couldn't possibly be overdrawn because I still have checks left!" As your rental business grows, you will notice (or perhaps you are already [...]

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Give Your Sales Team Access to Real-Time Customer Data

With recent advancements in technology, there is really no reason you cannot give your sales team access to information that will help them be more successful as they call on customers and prospects. Below are a number of links to additional information that will help you better understand what is possible. Provide Your Sales Team [...]

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How to Improve the Process of Conducting a Physical Inventory

The process of counting your inventory is one of those dreaded, yet essential, business processes that most owners put off until the accountant demands it. The physical count process is disruptive to business, stresses the staff, and usually points out deficiencies that most owners/managers would rather not know about. I would argue that a well-executed and timely [...]

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Get Off the Fence and Upgrade Your Systems Already

If you were one of those business owners that decided to contract your spending over the past 18-24 months, you are to be commended for reading the economic tea leaves correctly! As I write this article, it is clear that business is beginning to pick up (finally!!), albeit very slowly. In fact, over the past [...]

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