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Is Your Rental Management System Reactive or Proactive?

So, you have a rental management and accounting solution that does a pretty good job of keeping track of your rental fleet and can write contracts. Good for you! Aside from that, what are you getting from your system? Does it help you determine the best use of cash? Does it remind you when inventory [...]

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Walking the Inventory Tightrope

Techniques for Effective Management of Rental Inventories In the rental industry, a company’s profitability is dependent on its ability to keep inventory overhead costs low, while ensuring an ever-adequate supply and selection for your customers. Walking this fine line is difficult at best. While you cannot control all the variables affecting what, when, and from where people rent, it makes [...]

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5 Ways to Save Time, Money AND the Environment

In 2012, the average business will produce almost a pound of printed documents per employee, per day. You may be shocked to learn that more than 90% of that printed material ends up in the trash can within hours of being printed! The money and resources wasted daily by American business on printing unnecessarily is shameful. [...]

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Year end is a Time for Reflection (and Planning)

December is a month for celebration and reflection. As you near the end of the calendar year, it is important to review your personal and business year to assess your success or failure. Did you stick to those New Year's Resolutions? Did your business perform this year as expected? If you look back at your [...]

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Integrate your Accounting and Rental Operations

Most small business owners equate business health to the amount of cash they have in the bank. Measuring business success this way reminds me of the old joke that ends with, "I couldn't possibly be overdrawn because I still have checks left!" As your rental business grows, you will notice (or perhaps you are already [...]

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True Customer Service Requires a 360 Degree View

Most businesses today are forced to live with "blind spots" in their businesses when it comes to tracking key customer activity. The problem is, there is simply too much information available from disconnected sources and pulling that information together into a single source that is useful is next to impossible. Today's businesses are often stymied [...]

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Inventory Transfer Tracking

In this video, the ARM Dude discusses the Transfer Tracking module available with ARM. About the Tips & Tricks Series The publishers of Automated Rental Management are proud to offer you these Tips & Tricks for ARM. These tips were drawn from our extensive technical support knowledge base as well as from the comprehensive experience [...]

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Provide Field Sales with Real Time Information

Ring, Ring..."Hello Betty (insert your receptionist's name here), this is John (insert your salesman's name here). I'm getting ready to meet with Frank at Acme (insert customer name here) and I need to know what equipment he has on rent, how much business he's done with us recently, and if he has any past due [...]

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Give Your Sales Team Access to Real-Time Customer Data

With recent advancements in technology, there is really no reason you cannot give your sales team access to information that will help them be more successful as they call on customers and prospects. Below are a number of links to additional information that will help you better understand what is possible. Provide Your Sales Team [...]

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Freight and Delivery Costs Can Kill Your Profit

Have you taken the time to determine the true cost of getting equipment to/from your customers? Costs have skyrocketed over the past few years, due largely to the cost of fuel, insurance costs, and equipment maintenance. This is an excellent time to review your policy for charging for freight and delivery/pick up and see if [...]

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