The Truth Behind Sales Tax Audits

With the myriad responsibilities involved in running a successful business, it should come as no surprise that preparing for a sales and use tax audit is not exactly a high priority or favorite topic of conversation among business owners. There are only so many hours in a day, and many companies choose to put [...]

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2017 Mid-Year Sales Tax Changes

July was a big month for sales tax across the U.S. As most states began their fiscal new year, new laws went into effect. Even the sales tax gurus can’t remember of all of the new rules in every state, so why should you? To help you understand how these changes may affect your [...]

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Get Off the Fence and Upgrade Your Systems Already

If you were one of those business owners that decided to contract your spending over the past 18-24 months, you are to be commended for reading the economic tea leaves correctly! As I write this article, it is clear that business is beginning to pick up (finally!!), albeit very slowly. In fact, over the past [...]

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