5 Ways the ARA Rental Market Metrics are Changing the Equipment Rental Industry

We received a lot of great feedback and interesting questions last month when the ARM Dude announced the ARA Rental Market Metrics. Here at BCS Prosoft, the publishers of Automated Rental Management (ARM) rental software, we are excited as you guys are about the new metrics. That's why we are broadcasting a 29 Minute Webcast every [...]

Announcing the ARA Rental Market Metrics

Hey Y’all, it’s the ARM Dude here. Let me tell you about some big news that is happening in the rental software industry. The fine folks at the American Rental Association have finally released the highly anticipated Rental Market Metrics. Why is that big news? The ARA Rental Market Metrics establish a recognized industry standard [...]

Integrate your Accounting and Rental Operations

Most small business owners equate business health to the amount of cash they have in the bank. Measuring business success this way reminds me of the old joke that ends with, "I couldn't possibly be overdrawn because I still have checks left!" As your rental business grows, you will notice (or perhaps you are already [...]

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Provide Field Sales with Real Time Information

Ring, Ring..."Hello Betty (insert your receptionist's name here), this is John (insert your salesman's name here). I'm getting ready to meet with Frank at Acme (insert customer name here) and I need to know what equipment he has on rent, how much business he's done with us recently, and if he has any past due [...]

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Give Your Sales Team Access to Real-Time Customer Data

With recent advancements in technology, there is really no reason you cannot give your sales team access to information that will help them be more successful as they call on customers and prospects. Below are a number of links to additional information that will help you better understand what is possible. Provide Your Sales Team [...]

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Top 10 Technology Mistakes Made by Rental Companies

Too often, we get the PANIC call from companies AFTER they have made a technology mistake that put them in a serious bind. What companies fail to realize is that technology, by its nature is a moving target and finding the best possible IT solution requires quite a lot of work. It is tempting to [...]

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