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Delivery Route Management

ARM bridges the gap between profitability and delivery route management by providing an integrated delivery routing system that provides actionable information to help you choose the most efficient delivery and pickup routes.

Innovative features like integration with Microsoft MapPoint, graphical interface and an interactive routing grid allows your drivers to establish drop-off and pickup points along a route as efficiently as possible. When combined with ARMobile you drivers have the ability to insert, move and delete stops along their route directly from the field. ARM streamlines the entire routing process to help you become more efficient and flexible saving you valuable time, reducing driver workload and overtime costs, minimizing fuel costs, and increasing customer satisfaction with better delivery time predictions.

ARM Rental Software Delivery Route Management
ARM Rental Software Delivery Route Management


  • Comprehensive routing dispatch center
  • Integration with Microsoft MapPoint
  • Edit and update routes with ARMobile
  • Simplifies organization for dispatcher
  • Insert, move or delete stops from routes
  • Routing Dispatch Inquiry makes route information available to everyone
  • Plan routes days, weeks or months in advance if necessary
  • Print delivery tickets and instructions from the Dispatch Center

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