In this video, The ARM Dude shows you how to set Automated Rental up to batch print multiple documents at the same time to one or more printers and/or paper trays. For example, when you print a contract out at the rental counter, you might want a picking ticket to print at the shipping printer, a copy of the contract to print in the accounting office, and equipment maintenance instructions to print at the sales counter along with the contract. Quick Batch Printing allows you to set this and more up.

About the Tips & Tricks Series

The publishers of Automated Rental Management are proud to offer you these Tips & Tricks for ARM. These tips were drawn from our extensive technical support knowledge base as well as from the comprehensive experience or our team. Each tip is outlined in detail, including pictures, videos, and or drawings where appropriate. There are a couple of things to note in order to use these tips effectively. All tips are written for ARM versions 4.1 and higher. Some tips should be used with great care and caution. If you are ever in any doubt as to how to use the information provided, please contact our Support Center.