Managing Rental Reservations
During the Busy Party & Event Seasons

The holiday and wedding seasons are the busiest times of year for party and event rental companies. As orders start coming in, rental managers will need to know if they have sufficient quantity on hand to meet demand or decide if they’ll need to transfer, sub-rent or purchase additional inventory.

Managing inventory is one of the basic building blocks of almost any rental system. At Automated Rental Management, it’s been a standard feature in our rental software since day one. But when it came to managing and forecasting future rentals, there just wasn’t anything that could tell us when and where inventory was going to be on a particular day.

As rental software experts, we get the opportunity to speak with a lot of frustrated business owners. We’ve designed a solution to help rental businesses manage their delivery routing, inventory, and much more… That’s what inspired us to build our reservations tracking module.

If you find your inventory runs short, or you’re constantly having to sub-rent inventory to keep your customers happy, then Automated Rental Management’s Reservation Tracking Feature is for you!

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