Route Management makes routing and rerouting deliveries more efficient

ARM User, Sunshine Rentals

ARM User, Sunshine Rentals

The Automated Rental Management (ARM) Software Suite’s powerful Delivery Routing System uses a graphic, interactive routing grid that allows your drivers to establish stops and pickup points in the most efficient manner possible along a route. With a built-in interface to Microsoft MapPoint, the Delivery Routing System also boasts full mobile capabilities with ARMobile, allowing your drivers to edit and update routes directly from the field.

With ARM, deliveries of sale/rental items and regular on-site equipment servicing makes routing efficient and flexible. Furthermore, comprehensive management reporting and complete integration to ARM’s rental management, inventory, and core accounting systems, the Delivery Routing System makes ARM a highly efficient rental business management solution for equipment and party rental companies with a small fleet. With increased operational efficiency and built-in flexibility, you can save valuable time, balance driver workload, reduce overtime costs, minimize fuel costs, and enable better delivery predictions for increased customer satisfaction.

Features and Benefits

Deltek Vision Project Management Accounting

  • ARMobile integration
  • Comprehensive Routing Dispatch Center
  • Integration with Microsoft MapPoint
  • Simplifies organization for Dispatcher
  • Insert, Move, Delete stops from routes
  • Routing Dispatch Inquiry makes route information available to everyone
  • Plan routes days in advance if necessary
  • Print deliver tickets & instructions from Dispatch Center
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Route Management

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